Miracle is the youngest of seven children born to Bishop’s Willie and Marva Mitchell. Delivered four weeks past her due date, she had one lung and a hole in her heart. Miracle needed a miracle! After only one week in ICU, the doctors were confounded—a follow-up scan revealed what should have been a medical impossibility. Miracle had developed a second lung, and her heart was in perfect condition!  She is a graduate of Belmont High School in Dayton, Ohio, and just recently received her business degree in management from Indiana Wesleyan University. In 2017, she decided to resign from her duties in her church as administrator where she worked for over 20 years. Miracle now works part-time as a funeral home manager, and with her husband in their family business.

Miracle is the author of The Miracle of Operating a Church in Excellence, a tutorial used to train church staff and leaders on the optimum efforts and best practices in the kingdom of God, Lost in the House, a book about her experiences growing up as a preacher’s kid (PK), and her latest book My Heart Streams talks about overcoming the struggles of everyday life. Her other ventures includes producing “My Beauty is Priceless” and “Sons of Solomon” which are a series of seminars throughout the schools and county for teenage girls and boys designed to encourage, empower, and guide the youth in the community. 


My Heart Streams

My Heart Streams is a book about the struggles Miracle encountered in her life, and how God brought her through them all. There are many struggles the church are afraid to talk about, but this book goes in depth about them.

Lost in the House

Lost in the House is a book about growing up in the church as a PK (Pastor's Kid). It did not matter that I was in church all the time, I still was lost. This book gives hope to those who feel lost in the four walls of the church. I was once lost and now I am found! 


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